Free & Cheap Instagram Likes 2018

  1. Where to buy cheap Instagram Likes
  2. Instagram Likes, Their Accessibility and Importance
  3. Statistics of Using Instagram All over the World
  4. How to Make Money on Instagram?
  5. Simple and effective tips to receive more Likes on Instagram
  6. General Hacks for Instagram Users How to Get more Likes

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world because its format makes it possible to quickly and easily:

  • to communicate with other users,
  • to share your impressions,
  • to demonstrate your achievements,
  • to discuss popular brands,
  • to promote your business,
  • to make money actively.

Almost every person visits Instagram several times a day in order to look at other users, inquire about what is happening in the world, or simply admire beautiful, stylish or funny photos. Moreover, every day the number of Instagram users is rapidly increasing. This once again confirms the importance and scope of this social network. Therefore, it is worth using these facts to your advantage, making Instagram an effective tool for making money.

More often, users and companies are resorting to Instagram to use it for their own purposes, as they understand that this is an excellent channel of communication with the outside world. At the same time, a large number of Instagram likes to become one of the most desirable elements.

  • People tend to get as many likes as possible because with their help they can draw attention to their account as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to a large number of users, even the most beautiful and original publications may go unnoticed. The more free Instagram likes the posts have, the more chances you have to become popular since this social component motivates users to be interested in what has already interested others.
  • Companies want to get more likes because they become one of the eye-catching features of a successful business. The users, who get on business accounts with a large number of likes, begin to show a keen interest, as well as to have more confidence. In addition, likes help to distinguish your business from others noticeably and attract both new users and potential customers and partners.

Regardless of whether you are the owner of a personal or business account, user activity will be very important. It will directly have an impact on the success of your promotional company of a personal publication, and a brand. Therefore, Instagram likes are an influential indicator of popularity and an effective lever of power on other users. Moreover, likes enable:

  • to stand out from other users very quickly,
  • to minimize the time to achieve the goals,
  • to expand the target audience,
  • to become more visible,
  • to get user support and trust.

Instagram Likes, Their Accessibility and Importance

To get a large number of IG likes, you will need to think carefully about the strategy of attracting users’ attention:

  • make high-quality photos;
  • fully manifest your creativity;
  • be original, interesting, lively, and sometimes funny;
  • carefully study your audience;
  • regularly post publications;
  • use topical and popular hashtags;
  • be very attentive and patient.

This process takes a lot of energy and nerves, and before you notice at least some result, it will take a lot of time. However, not everything is so sad. There are many sites that offer services for buying Instagram likes.

Where to buy cheap Instagram Likes

Service Likes Price
InstaGrowing from 1$
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Treat the selection of a reliable company very carefully, as not all of them offer really high-quality services. The most popular and responsible sites with which we work include:

  • + high-quality service,
  • + affordable pricing,
  • + various service packages,
  • + professional customer support,
  • + real user accounts.

  • + large customer base,
  • + quality service,
  • + fast processing of applications,
  • + affordable prices,
  • + professional advice.

Quality or quantity?

When making an order, be sure to ensure that the Instagram likes that come to you are sent from accounts that look real. Often companies use bot accounts. Such a service will not bring you much benefit since other users will immediately understand that your likes were bought, even if there are a lot of them. In this case, quality is crucial. The better and more realistic your likes look, the more chances you have to motivate users to show high activity, put likes and subscribe to your account. Thus, likes that look real will help you gain organic likes as well as receive users’ confidence.

Additional options and their effectiveness

Buying Instagram likes, you can choose the advanced settings that suit you the most. Such options play an important role because they expand your capabilities, and you can significantly improve the overall result from the purchase. Thus, the following settings are available to you:

  • Likes’ receiving speed. In turn, it can be:
  • gradual – this means that you will get a certain number of likes per minute, this indicator includes a range from 10 to 100 likes per minute,
  • asap (in other words instant delivery) – you will receive the service after completing the order as soon as possible,
  • slow delivery – the service ordered by you will automatically and slowly send likes to your publications throughout the day;

Geolocation of accounts from which you will receive likes. You have the opportunity to make a selection of accounts that will be as close as possible to the region that interests you. Thus, accounts can be:

  • US,
  • Russian,
  • Arabic,
  • Indian,
  • European,
  • Asian,
  • Brazilian,
  • African American,
  • and from Pakistan;

Services’ distribution. This means that you have two options for delivering the service:

  • split between photos – you can order one package of services and distribute the total number of likes at once between several publications (for example, having ordered 1000 likes, you can send 100 likes to 10 posts),
  • for every post – the service will be applied only for one picture.

Available payment options

Good sites that provide purchase of free Instagram likes services, give users the opportunity to pay for the order in several ways:

  • With PayPal. Perhaps this is one of the most popular, reliable, practical and fast payment methods. The whole process will take you only a few seconds.
  • Without using PayPal. This method includes payment:
  • with credit card Visa & Master Card,
  • by Bitcoin (this payment method is especially popular with users who want to get complete anonymity).

How safe is buying Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes, make sure that the company is responsible for the safety and security of your data. On trusted sites, you can get Instagram likes without a password, as this information is not necessary and does not provide any importance. All that a website can need from you when making a request is a link to your account and clarification of information regarding your order. Moreover, all data about your order is stored only on the company’s server, while protected by a high-level system, and no one can access it. Therefore, professional companies guarantee your confidentiality and security of all your information. Even the Instagram system will not be able to know that you have ever bought Instagram likes.

Can I buy IG likes for someone else’s account?

Since the purchase of Instagram likes is completely safe, you can always make a surprise or a gift to your family and friends and order the service for someone else. To do this, you will need to provide a link to your friend’s profile in the order form.


  • Before placing an order for your account or someone else’s account, make sure that it is public (open).
  • We will not be able to send the service to a private account since we need to see the publications with which we will work.

For which posts can I buy Instagram likes?

During order creation, you have the opportunity to indicate which posts you want to get likes. Date of publication does not matter, so you can easily order the service even for old photos. Such actions are very useful if you want to make your entire account as attractive as possible and quickly reach popularity. The accounts on which new posts have 1000+ likes per each and old ones have only 50 likes cause many doubts among users, and they can guess that you are buying Instagram likes. To avoid such troubles, it is recommended to order likes on older publications as well.

What service packages are most often ordered?

Instagram buying sites offer various service packages:

  • starting from small packages, the range of which varies from 50 to 1000 likes,
  • ending with big packages – 200,000, 500,000 and 1 million likes.

Most often, users order a small number of likes to test the service and understand how it works and how effective it is. Instagram celebrities and stars buy big packages to maintain their popularity and attract new followers.

The worldwide popularity of Free Instagram likes services

Since Instagram is highly popular all over the world, buying Instagram services is also quite relevant in different parts of the world. The statistics we derived showed that the following range of countries most often resorts to this service:

  • Australia,
  • UK,
  • Germany,
  • Canada,
  • India,
  • Spain,
  • France,
  • The United States.

Other Instagram Activities and Their Role in Promotion

In addition to Instagram likes for Free, there are other equally popular and effective services. Therefore, to achieve maximum results, users can also order:

  • Instagram followers. Buying followers, you get the opportunity to get more attention to your account, as other users will be interested in your publications because you are popular with others. In addition, with the help of this service you will be able to declare your business and quickly collect the target audience, and get new customers and partners.
  • Instagram auto likes. Auto likes will be automatically credited to your new publications in accordance with the service of your choice. You can choose both monthly plan and order auto likes on every new picture. With the help of Instagram auto likes, you can make the maximum audience reach since the peak of the popularity of the post falls on the first hours after publication.
  • Instagram comments. This service will create high activity under your content and will motivate other users to take part in discussions, etc. Buying Instagram comments will provide you with a starting engagement and give an opportunity to gather a target audience and interact with it directly.
  • Instagram video views. A large number of Instagram video views will motivate users to view your publications and your account, as they will be an indicator of your popularity. You will be able to attract an audience and increase user activity, getting the desired result as soon as possible.
  • Instagram live broadcastings are very important for effective interaction with users because you receive the opportunity to get to know your audience better by answering questions or telling something about your life. Therefore, to make a large coverage of users, you need to pay attention to the purchase of services such as:
  • live likes (will help make your live broadcastings more visible),
  • live views (will help attract more users),
  • live comments (will help to interest users in your content).
  • Instagram mentions. Buying mentions, you significantly increase your visibility and can quickly reach out to a large audience. Instagram mentions work as an active advertising for your profile and give direct access to your posts by redirecting users through the “@” icon that appears before your username.
  • Instagram TV – is a new feature of Instagram, which makes it possible to publish long videos of vertical format without any cropping pictures. This video format allows you to talk more about your activities and demonstrate the working points of your business, introducing your team and production processes to the audience.
  • IGTV likes (will help to highlight your videos on the background of videos of other users),
  • IGTV views (will help to gather the target audience),
  • IGTV comments (will help motivate the audience to be active),
  • IGTV mentions (will help make your videos visible to a large number of users).
  • IG auto views. With this service, all your new videos will receive automatic views, thereby creating the appearance of your popularity. The more views your videos have, the more users will want to see your content, as they will consider that they are worthy of attention once popular with others.

When ordering additional services, make sure that the company you have chosen is responsible for the services’ quality and will provide auto likes, comments, mentions, etc. from accounts that look as natural as possible, rather than using bot profiles. Accounts that look real will bring the desired result, as users will not guess that they are bought only if you do not tell about it.

Statistics of Using IG All over the World

Instagram has long been an integral part of our lives. Each month, the number of active Instagram users is rapidly increasing and by the end of 2018, it is anticipated that this social network will show statistics of one billion monthly active users. This is highly expected since IG is very convenient in promoting both personal and business accounts. Simple visualization and attractive content delivery are the basic elements of this social network. However, due to the rapid growth in the number of users and, consequently, visual materials, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into thinking about the marketing campaign and putting it into practice.

Having conducted several studies, we collected interesting statistics that will be useful to use for the effective promotion of both personal and business accounts:

  • more than 70% of successful businesses use Instagram;
  • 11 hashtags are the most optimal number, despite the fact that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags;
  • branded hashtags significantly increase your chances of success;
  • about 80% of all Instagram users are subscribed to at least one business account;
  • more than 30% of users at least once made an order through Instagram;
  • approximately 60% of Instagram users learned something new about the services or products they are interested in in the open spaces of this social network;
  • the use of a business phone number and company address in your profile will help expand the customer base;
  • by the end of 2018 Instagram revenue will reach 7 billion dollars;
  • video ads occupy about 25% of all Instagram advertising;
  • publications with geo-location attract more attention;
  • Instagram Stories and Live videos will help make your content more visible;
  • Tuesday is the best day to get high user engagement;
  • about 80% of influential individuals prefer to cooperate with brands through Instagram;
  • photos get 36% more likes than videos;
  • 80% of your content should be educational, interesting and attractive, and you can use the remaining 20% for self-promotion;
  • photos in which people are present get 38% more likes;
  • Clarendon filter is the most popular in more than 100 countries;
  • about half of all IG posts contains emojis;
  • almost 60% of all IG users fall into the age group of 18-29 years.

By using statistical data correctly, you will be able to determine with which audience you plan to interact, in which niche to promote your business, and better understand what services you need to buy in order to achieve your goals in the shortest time.

How to Make Money on IG?

Instagram, in addition to a convenient and attractive interface, can be a great tool to make money. World stars and celebrities have long used this social network as one of the earning channels. Companies and manufacturers pay them for placing and advertising their product or service on their accounts, as they are influential people who enjoy the popularity and get the trust of a large audience.

For example, the famous singer Beyonce Knowles earns 700 thousand dollars in one advertising post on her page, and one post on the page of the American model Kylie Jenner brings her $ 1 million of revenue.

However, not only celebrities can make money on Instagram, everyone has the opportunity to turn the account into a great way to make a profit. To do this you will need to follow simple instructions:

  • First, transfer your account to a business profile.
  • Then pick up the original avatar and decide on the method of content presenting (the subject of the account).
  • Start to publish your content after selecting the niche with which you want to work.
  • For each publication, write an interesting description and use relevant and popular hashtags (no more than 15, the optimal number is 11).
  • Buy likes, comments, and views in order to display your posts in the top of the news feed, as well as to attract user attention to your content as soon as possible.
  • To enhance and enhance advertising, launch the promotion of your publications through IG mentions.
  • You can also collaborate with the accounts in your sales territory that are more popular.
  • All this is supported by the constant frequency of publications and active interaction with users.

After you have at least 5,000 active subscribers, you can start earning on Instagram, as you will have your target audience and get user confidence and attention. Begin to act right now, everything will work out for you!Free Instagram Likes 2018

Simple and effective tips to receive more Likes on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, where a huge amount of various media is sent daily, including photos and video of different events, food, pets, selfie, etc.

This platform provides an opportunity to get new followers and even potential partners, who are interested in your business. Moreover, it all happens in real time. You do not need to wait a few days to make an action plan. You can do everything gradually, using actual statistics of user activity on your account.

The number of Likes and Followers plays a fundamental role since with the help of these indicators you can achieve the desired result. In addition, these elements are part of our obsession with Instagram, because we want to get approval from other users, as well as a wide popularity.

We will help you to optimize your Instagram pastime as much as possible, and at the same time get the full return from each of your publications. Therefore, below you will find useful and effective tips and tricks that will contribute to increasing the activity of users on your profile. 

Importance of Free Instagram likes

Likes on Instagram are usually put under publishing, which could interest users with their content, photos or videos. To do this, just double-click on the post or snap on the heart icon under the photo or video.

Likes are especially important for users who are interested in promoting their account or business. Since Likes act as a kind of indicator that shows the interest of followers and other users with your publications.

In turn, the followers who put Likes to your posts show you a gesture of sympathy and appreciation. They also show that they agree or are interested in your publication that is original, attractive and interesting for them.

The social component of Likes lies in public recognition and trust. Users tend to trust those accounts and brands that have a large number of Likes and Followers. This is due to people’s desire to be always aware of something trendy and to be active where it is encouraged. Therefore, if you want to achieve the desired goal, get appreciation and win the attention and confidence of the audience, you definitely need to work on the number of Likes and Followers. In this situation, the number will play a crucial role.

In order that you are not looking for and not inventing wizards that can be tolerated by users and how best to do it, we have collected a number of useful recommendations for you.

Using photos for getting more likes

Publish high-quality photos

To get a beautiful photo or video that the IG users will like, you need to give the process of filming a little time and attention. Choose the right lighting as much as possible and make sure that you have focused. Attractive, clear and aesthetic photos and videos, as a result, will get more Likes and Views.

Use interesting text under the publication

Text plays an important role in your post. Moreover, Instagram does not limit you to the number of characters, as Twitter does. Nevertheless, you need to take into account that Instagram makes a certain limit of streaming text, that is, users will only see the beginning of a long post, and to continue reading – they will need to open a complete message.

In the text of the publication, you can tell something about yourself, thus making other users to know you better. Be sincere. Try to use the maximum current photo and original signature to attract a larger audience.

Apply a certain number of filters

Constantly using the same filters, you create a certain image. Users will be able to identify your profile easily since you will have a unique image.

Moreover, adhering to the style of filters, you can get more appreciation because your media files will be recognizable and always stand out against the background of other photos. In turn, this will lead to the expansion of the audience and the receipt of more Likes.

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Instagram users can quickly find a “fake”. Everyone loves sincere and lively personalities. Therefore, do not be afraid to be simple, alive and act the way you really are. You can set a photo with a minimum amount of retouching or without it at all, and even without filters. Give users a chance to see your naturalness.

Use the influence of color

Color and its dominance in a photo or video are important. For example, it was noted that blue shades attract users and motivate them to show sympathy for 24% more to publications where this gamma prevails.

Be original and special

Often the attention of users attracts unique and non-standard photos. Therefore, show originality and publish posts that differ from the total mass of photos. Such accounts are popular because everyone wants something special. Try to create publications that, in your opinion, will attract and intrigue users.

Confidently defend your point of view

Try to follow your ideas and understandings. Be self-assured. Thus, you can enter into a dialogue with your followers and motivate them to show activity on your page. Do not be afraid to express your opinion, which may differ from the opinions of others. However, remember that such actions can cause a negative. Therefore, be careful not to express too resonant thoughts.

Address to a larger audience

Some publications may have a pronounced nature, which is of interest only to a certain segment of users. It can be something narrow-minded and not particularly fashionable, for example, photos of knitted things.

In any case, continue to move in the same direction, in every possible way attracting the audience. Communication with your audience can help you reach out to other users who will also find your business interesting.

Invite other users or accounts

To expand your audience, you can invite a popular user to your account.

If you are at the stage of developing your business, then you can also use this advice, and find an influential user who would tell about your case on his/her page.

Use photos of your users or customers

If you provide any services or are engaged in the production of any products, you can use the photos of your satisfied customers. This will help you gain more confidence from other users. Since your audience will see real happy users who are satisfied with your products.

Be funny

Users like the content without a special meaning, which at the same time causes laughter or a smile. Do not be afraid to experiment and create publications with a humorous bias.

Hashtags help you reach more users so that you do not restrict content to your followers. Nevertheless, do not overdo it. Use only the relevant #hashtags.

Take advantage of the geographical #hashtags

Promote popular locations and used #hashtags of your home city. Select those that suit you, as well as ones that are well known. Thus, you can get the attention of users from your native city.

Use trending #hashtags

Using popular #hashtags does not lead to quick recognition. However, you increase the chances that other users will use your #hashtags. Most likely, by #hashtags, they will fall on your publication and you will get the opportunity to interest users and get Likes from them.

We have compiled a list of the most popular hashtags known today:

  • #art,
  • #beautiful,
  • #cute,
  • #fashion,
  • #friends,
  • #followme,
  • #follow,
  • #girl,
  • #happy,
  • #instadaily,
  • #instagood,
  • #like4like,
  • #love,
  • #me,
  • #picoftheday,
  • #photooftheday,
  • #selfie,
  • #summer,
  • #tbt,
  • #repost.

Use hashtag #like4like

This hashtag will help to find users who are willing to put mutual Likes. Using this hashtag, you can easily and quickly put Likes on publications with such marks and get reverse Likes.

Use branded #hashtags

It is recommended to use branded hashtags to communicate with users and expand the target audience. In addition, you can encourage your customers and followers to tag their hashtag photos. In this way, you create a sense of community and user loyalty to your brand.

Tag geolocation

By adding geolocation to your publications, you give users the ability to track your posts relative to a specific location. This filtration is perfect for those who own a cafe, hotel, gym, etc., because you can use the photos of your real customers to attract new users and potential partners.

Tag powerful accounts

If your activity involves working with influential people or you have popular friends, do not forget to mark them on your publications. Thus, you can attract a large audience and get more Likes and new followers, while increasing your visibility in IG.

Share photos “behind the scenes”

We are all very interested in knowing how and what is being created. Therefore, if you create something interesting, do not be afraid to show your followers backstage. This will help you become closer to your audience and gain even more confidence.

If you have a large team, be sure to tell users about it. Show your teamwork, pay attention to each employee. Let followers see your internal rules and team play. Such media files will enable you to fully develop your personality, show the features of your brand, and create an emotional connection with potential customers. Demonstrate all the magic that you observe daily. 

Demonstrate small achievements

It can be anything, starting with progress in sports, art, etc., ending with some kind of global life changes. Anything you choose will perfectly reflect on your understanding of the audience. In this way, you can create a strong bond based on emotional outbursts of empathy, joy, and support.

Expand user reach

Think about options for expanding your brand in the vastness of Instagram. Create a unique and memorable logo that will make you more recognizable and help expand your target audience.

Find interesting ways to attract attention

Think of a special way to engage the audience and motivate it to interact with your account. Use creative tricks. For example, a Canadian photographer and part-time designer, Andrew Knapp, takes a photo of his dog, whose main task is to hide among the crowd or on the background of nature. Andrew followers must find the dog and write a comment. This is a great example of how you can effectively interact with users while preserving your uniqueness and individuality.

Share your customers or partners

Personalization plays a very important role in our commercialized society. Therefore, if you want to stand out against the background of the bulk, be sure to consider this feature. Give your followers an opportunity to see the real results of your business. Do not be afraid to introduce everyone to the achievements of your customers, to show the way they passed. This will help to achieve a new level of trust and interaction of a more personal format. Demonstrate the face of your brand, company or organization.

Using videos for getting more likes

Create motivating and attractive videos

A photo can tell you a lot about it, however, not as much as a video can do. It is through a video that you can convey the full range of emotions that you experience and show your feelings, delight, etc.

Use the Boomerang effect

Boomerang is the ability to share unique videos that have some similarities with GIF quickly.

This application is already built into Instagram. With it, you can create a fast video cycle, showing all your creativity.

Use Instagram Stories

Even if your photos and videos are perfect, this will not always be enough to attract attention. To do this, you need to use Instagram Stories, which will help to advertise your publications and get more likewise. Show your creative side, follow the multi-colored attractive inscription, use emoji and other effects.

Motivate users to be active on IG

Instagram, as well as Facebook, launched its live platform for streaming communication. Instagram live is great for posting interesting questions and answers, broadcasting various events, conducting webinars and other ways of interacting with your followers. This is a great opportunity to promote your brand.

Increase your activity for maximum effect

Increasing your participation is not only the quantity and quality of the text that you write in posts; it is also your direct interaction with followers.

Below we have collected some tips that will help achieve the desired result.

Interact with other users’ publications

Using the search, find publications containing interesting content. You can do this with the help of certain #hashtags that fit your theme. Do not be afraid to comment on other people’s publications, subscribe to their accounts, put them Likes. This will help you attract more attention to your profile and your publications.

Instagram is an excellent platform for interacting with clients and attracting new partners. Targeted interaction will enable you to promote your brand effectively. Do not be afraid to run promotions, find users in your or an adjacent niche and help each other to gather an audience.

Stick to a specific schedule

Regular publication of posts will ensure the constant involvement of followers in your activities. You need to find a middle ground. Therefore, try to observe the periodicity of publications, so that your followers are always interested. If you publish rarely, then they generally can forget about you.

On the other hand, too high a frequency of posts will also have a negative impact on the activities of your followers, as your publications will be more annoying than gladden.

On average, you must adhere to the rule of placing at least 1 and no more than 3 publications a day. Everyday posts will remind users about you and your business, and keep intrigue.

Also, pay attention to the time in which it is best to publish posts. To do this, you need to understand your target audience better, their preferences and to oversee the period for their high activity.

On Instagram, there are no general rules at which time it is better to create a publication because everything is very individual and depends on many factors, including different time zones and daytime employment. Often, IG users are active in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evenings. For better understanding your target audience, use your Instagram analytics.

Use Giveaways to get more likewise

We all love to get something free. Therefore, the sale or competitions with prizes are a great way to attract more attention to your brand, get more Likes and effectively coordinate with your audience.

Sales or competitions will not cost you much. Moreover, compared to the result you achieve it will be a pleasant expense. Try to start the action or sell off, begging with something small. Then everything will be much easier, as you can better understand your audience and cooperate more productively.

Liking to enter

The attraction of users with the help of a small prize fund is also a very interesting idea and an effective way to get likes.

Think of a small prize, it could even be a product of your own production, then write that for participation users should put Likes, and launch the campaign. You will be able to conduct a test competition with small prizes, pay attention to your shortcomings, improve your system and periodically hold similar contests.

Login comment

To participate in the contest or go to the page of the draw, you can also ask users to leave a comment under your post. This can be either an answer to a question, or a message that they have entered.

Use specific tactics in publications

There are many different ways to motivate users to show activity on your account using different psychological methods.

Calling users for a particular action is the ability to influence followers directly by offering them an exact algorithm of action. Thus, your followers will do what you ask them to do. This may seem strange, but try to do so.

Double click to like

No matter how trite it may sound, nevertheless, this command works. Most users do not understand that they can double-click on a publication they like.

This strategy has a great popularity and there are already several bright examples when with its help the number of IG followers increased to 100k + in just six months.

Ask questions

A great way to encourage and motivate users actively to interact with your account is to ask questions. Most publications are of a visual nature and do not cause any active actions. Nevertheless, if you ask a question (in the text under the photo or video or on the image itself), you give the message to act. Such tricks will attract more attention to your publications or page and will help significantly increase your interaction with users.

Publish quotes

Most influential accounts from time to time resort to the publication of motivational posts, using famous statements of great people or popular phrases. Such quotes work perfectly for Instagram since users like the publications with which they agree.

Use faces

Photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive Likes than those on which they are not. Use this statistic to your advantage.

Post photo carousels

Carousel publications give a chance to demonstrate your uniqueness and originality. With their help, you can promote your brand in a very original way, detailing your activities.

Recommendations for carousel publications:

  • carefully study your audience;
  • use the first image to attract the most attention to your publication;
  • encourage user interaction with other images;
  • create a complete picture – come up with interesting accompanying text for images;
  • motivate users to read the continuation of your post – connect the “learn more” or “continue reading” button to complete the reading on the landing page.

Comment and tag friends

You can also ask your followers to tag their friends in your publications in order to increase your presence on Instagram.

Use the Layout application

In Instagram, there is a Layout application. It makes possible to apply various interesting kaleidoscopic effects to your images.


Above we have considered a whole list of useful tips that will help you become instant, get Likes and achieve the desired results. Nevertheless, remember that the number of Likes is not the key to success. You should give time to users who are active in your account and encourage them to become your followers. Good luck with Instagramming!

General Hacks for Instagram Users How to Get more Likes

  1. Do not waste your time in questionable posts or Stories, to which you can be subscribed.

You can easily get rid of annoying posts.

To do this you will need:

  • Click the mute icon in the top corner of your account;
  • Make settings by disabling messages or messages and Stories;
  • The second way to turn off messages and Stories is to click and persist Story directly from your account.
  1. Periodically change the order of use of filters.

Move the most favorite and frequently used filters forward for comfort during fast publications.

To do this you will need:

  • Go to Filter when sending a photo or video;
  • Scroll to the very end of the filters and go to “Management”;
  • Near each filter, there is an icon with three lines on the left side of the screen. You need to hold it down by pressing to change the order in which the filters are exhaled;
  • In the right part of the screen, you will find the checkboxes next to each filter. If necessary, check the boxes with the filters that you will use or uncheck them to hide the filters;
  • Click “Done” to save the new settings.
  1. View all the publications you have liked.

In search of inspiration, pay attention to the publications that the early days attracted your attention and aroused interest.

To do this you will need:

  • Log in to your account;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android, to go to “Options”.
  • Then go to “Posts You’ve Liked”.
  1. From time to time, delete the search history.

Do not let people who have direct access to your gadget know about their frenemies.

To do this you will need:

  • Tap your profile image icon to go to your profile;
  • If you use iOS – ✓ the gear icon or three dots on Android, to go to “Options”;
  • Scroll down, and then click “Clear Search History”.
  1. Remove specific search queries.

Periodically clean your requests, which include people as well as different places and hashtags.

To do this you will need:

  • To go to the search page, click the magnifying glass icon;
  • At the top of the screen you will see the search bar, go there;
  • If you press and hold the search query for a long time, you can remove it from your history by clicking on the “Hide” function that appears on the screen.
  1. Keep track of your favorite users, brands and their activity through notifications.

Try not to miss publications of accounts that you really like.

To do this you will need:

  • Go to the account profile where you receive notifications about the activity of the account;
  • At the top right of the screen, you will see a three-point icon. Click on it;
  • Check “Turn on Post Notifications”.

Note: If you do not want to receive notifications from a particular account, the procedure is the same, only you will need to remove the check mark.

  1. Using and managing multiple accounts at once.

There is no need to log in and switch between multiple accounts.

To do this you will need:

  • Click the user icon at the bottom of the screen to view your profile;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android, to go to “Options”;
  • Scroll down and choose “Add Account”;
  • Enter the information (username and password) for the specific account you want to add;
  • After adding the desired number of accounts, you will notice that the profile icon located on the navigation bar will change. The silhouette of a person will be replaced by an image of your profile;
  • Enter your profile for switching between accounts;
  • Click on your username at the top of the screen;
  • Choose the account you want to switch.

Note: You have a possibility to add up to 5 accounts.

  1. Connect your Instagram post to Pinterest.

Pinterest is not specified as one of the network options when using the message from Instagram together, but there are temporary solutions for mobile and desktop Instagram variations.

To do this on mobile you will need:

  • Navigate to the message that you would like to Pin;
  • Click the three-dot icon right above your message;
  • Choose “Copy Share URL” to make a copy of the publication link to the clipboard;
  • Open the Pinterest application from your mobile gadget;
  • Click on your profile icon to view your profile;
  • Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen for adding new Pin;
  • When the “Add a board or Pin” menu shows up, choose “Copied link”;
  • Pinterest will open the link stored to your clipboard on the automatic basis;
  • Select the image you want to Pin and complete the publication as usual.

To do this on the desktop you will need:

  • View and search the publication you would like to Pin;
  • Right-click the publication and choose “Open Link in New Window”;
  • Make use of the Pinterest browser button to select the photo that you want to Pin and commonly complete the publication.
  1. Delete comments.

If you need to hide an insulting comment or remove a typo, you can always fix it quickly and easily.

For deleting your comment, you will need to:

  • Click the speech bubble icon belong the publication you commented on;
  • Detect the comment you want to remove;
  • Swipe the left margin of the comment;
  • Click the trash icon.

For deleting someone’s comment under your post, you will need to:

  • Click the speech bubble icon belong the publication that contains the comment that you want to remove;
  • Swipe left over the recall;
  • A partial swipe will display a trio of options, permitting you to answer, mark, or remove a comment;
  • Click the trash icon or continue scrolling to the left in order to delete the recall.
  1. Clean and block comments by using keywords.

Social trolling can be bypassed with the help of certain comment components, which enable you to filter and block comments, including determined keywords.

To do this you will need:

  • Choose the profile image icon to view your profile;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android, to go to “Options”;
  • Select “Comment Controls”;
  • Switch the Hide Offensive Comments function on;
  • This option will hide comments containing words or expressions that are usually announced as abusive;
  • You can attach your own list of keywords that you want to hide from your publications as well.
  1. Disable comments on a specific publication.

To do this you will need:

  • Start to publish a photo or video as before;
  • When you see the screen where you put together a signature, the point of destination and other tags, choose “Advanced Settings”;
  • Switch the Turn Off Commenting function on.

Note: You can make changes is the setting even after publishing the post by going to the publication, click on the three-dot icon upwards it, and choosing “Turn On Commenting”. You can also disable comments on a preliminarily published post by completing the same guide.

  1. Keep and organize publications where only you can behold them.

Ideal hacking in order to take a piece of inspiration. You can also use this function to monitor competitors.

To do this you will need:

  • Scroll to the publication you want to save;
  • Click the bookmark image below the publication you want to save;
  • Add the publication to the available collection or click the + image to build and term a new one;
  • To view the saved publications and collections, go to your profile and click the corresponding bookmark image (next to the Photos of You image) to go the “Saved” tab.
  1. Take away eldest publications from your account without deleting them.

This is feasible thanks to the function of the Instagram archive.

To do this you will need:

  • Click at the top of the publication you want to take away;
  • Choose “Archive”;
  • Click the “Archive” image in the upper right corner of your profile to view all archived publications;
  • If you want to reinstate content to your public profile, just click “Show on Profile” at any time and it will be displayed in the original location.
  1. Enlarge the publication.

To do this you will need:

  • Scroll to the publication you want to enlarge;
  • Tighten with two fingers and slow them down;
  • Take pleasure in the details.

Instagram Hacks for Sharing Photo and Video Files

  1. Make your headlines easier to read using the line breaks.

If you use the long inscription a la National Geographic, this hack will make your publications easier to read.

To do this you will need:

  • Redact the photo and go to the title screen;
  • Create your headline;
  • To access the “Return” button, press the 123 key on your device’s keypad;
  • Use “Return” to include breaks to your headline.

Note: The breaks help start the text with a new line. They will not make an empty space between the two paragraphs. To do this, you will need to re-write the title you need in a special application for notes, and only then copy it to Instagram. To further break up rows and hold an empty string, we recommend using punctuation in the form of dots or hyphens.

  1. Plan publication of posts in Instagram.

If you have a lot of work and do not have enough time to post publications when your audience is most active on Instagram, we recommend using Hootsuite to set the schedule for publishing photos directly to Instagram.

To do this you will need:

  • Add your IG business account to Hootsuite or re-authorize your existing account for the new workflow;
  • Click your profile picture in the right top corner;
  • Select “Manage Social Networks”;
  • Select your Instagram business profile;
  • Connect with IG and follow prompts to finish set-up. You can now publish individual images to Instagram;
  • Create your Instagram post in the full-screen composer. Draft you copy along with hashtags and an image and perform additional things like resizing text overlays;
  • Check the post preview to see it looks exactly like you wanted;
  • Add to schedule the post or publish it right away;
  • Video posts can still be composed and scheduled in the Hootsuite dashboard. They require a mobile device with both Instagram and the Hootsuite mobile app installed with notifications turned on.

The way to schedule Instagram publications from the personal profile:

  • Add your Instagram account to your social networking management platform;
  • On the Hootsuite toolbar, click the profile image and choose “Add Social Network”;
  • Choose your Instagram business account;
  • Click “Connect with Instagram” and enter your credentials;
  • Create your publication;
  • On the Hootsuite toolbar, click “New Post” and choose your Instagram account from the appeared menu;
  • Upload videos or photos. Click “Edit” with “Creative Cloud” to access the tools for visual editing;
  • The text field also allows you to add custom descriptors, links (including abbreviated links using services such as and hashtags (not too much, as well as the most up-to-date);
  • Plan your publication;
  • In the appeared menu at the bottom of the screen, choose “Publish on Schedule Date” to place your publication in the queue;
  • Post your publication;
  • You will receive notifications from the Hootsuite application on your device that the time for posting new publications has come;
  • Recheck your post and follow Instagram instructions.
  1. Create posts with several photos to create a common holistic picture.

Try to apply creativity and enjoy all the features of Instagram.

To do this you will need:

  • To publish #triplegram, you need to have three related images that together create something interesting and generalized, with a certain unified goal;
  • Launching a series of photos into the network, we recommend dividing them into 9 parts, for this, there are special applications that will do everything for you. Then publish them in the necessary sequence.
  1. Adjust the number and quality of the filters used.

For all who want something perfect and at the same time natural.

To do this you will need:

  • After uploading an image to your account, go to the filter that you like and want to use it;
  • Click on the filter itself again. Before you open the editing options;
  • To adjust the intensity of the filter, play with the sliding scale;
  • After you make the necessary manipulations, click “Finish” to save the settings and continue editing.
  1. Create and upload a publication with several different actions.

This is called Instagram Story, which will always remain on your page and make a difference.

To download a publication with several photos and you will need:

  • Click on the + icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen;
  • Click “SELECT MULTIPLE” on the “Library” tab;
  • Sort and select photos and videos from your camera catalog that you plan to add to the story;
  • Work with filters. You have the ability to apply different filters to each photo or video, as well as select one filter for all materials;
  • After selecting the video, you can partially cut them, or by clicking on a specific video and holding it, change their order;
  • To delete a video, simply move it to the center of the screen;
  • Complete all your changes and publish your masterpiece.

To record a video with several clips you will need:

  • At the bottom of the screen is the “+” icon, click it;
  • Click on “Video”;
  • Click on the circle icon to start recording;
  • To create multiple clips, remove the finger from the circle icon to pause. When you want to continue recording, press and hold the icon again;
  • To delete the previous clip in your video, click “Delete”, then confirm the action.
  1. Remove the sound from the video.

If the original video sound is not clear, bad and carries no semantic load during viewing, you can remove it so it does not distract.

To do this you will need:

  • At the bottom of the screen there is a “+” icon, click it to select a video to upload;
  • Click “Next”;
  • Click the volume icon at the top of the screen to mute the video.

Note: The same can be done with Instagram Stories. After recording a video, click the volume icon at the top of the screen to mute the sound.

  1. Save the drafts.

You have created the perfect photo in which you like everything – compass, colors, camera angle, and filters, but you do not know how to sign it beautifully. Save the publication as a draft, saving all the editing settings, and return to the publication when you have ideas and inspiration.

To do this you will need:

  • At the bottom of the screen there is a “+” icon, click it to select a photo to upload;
  • Edit the publication to your taste, using filters, captions, tags or location;
  • Click the <icon at the top of the screen on the left side to return to the edit screen;
  • Click <icon again;
  • In the pop-up menu, select “Save Draft”;
  • When you have the time and desire to continue editing and publish the post, click the + icon and select “Library”;
  • You will see a new section “DRAFTS” above “CAMERA ROLL”;
  • Select an entry or click Manage to view all previously saved drafts;
  • Select the publication, make the necessary changes and post it.

Note: To delete a message from drafts, click “Manage”, go to “Drafts” and click “Edit”. Mark the publications you want to erase, click “Cancel messages” at the bottom of the screen and confirm the action.

  1. Blur the background on the photo.

To do this you will need:

  • Turn on the camera and make the Focus settings in the settings;
  • Take a picture with the front camera or the rear view camera;
  • The main object falls into focus, while the background turns out to be blurry.

Note: This function can be used on such devices as Android, iPhone SE, 6S, 6S +, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X.

  1. Show someone else in the video or arouse a keen interest in the followers.

Brands use this feature when collaborating with other brands, companies or influential people to attract more users. You can also use this feature, encouraging your followers to show initiative and activity regarding the content that you post.

To motivate users to join your live broadcast, you will need:

  • Click “Request” in the comments section while watching the live broadcast;
  • You will receive confirmation if the user agrees, and you can confidently act;
  • During the broadcast, the screen will be divided into two parts;
  • You can leave the live broadcast whenever you want.

To receive a request from a subscriber who wants to join your live broadcast, you will need:

  • By launching your live broadcast, you will receive notifications of each request in the comments section;
  • Click “View” and select the action – accept or cancel the request;
  • The icon with two emoticons will display the number of requests;
  • Clicking on the icon, you will see all the requests and current viewers;
  • You have the opportunity to accept a request or invite any of your viewers to join you. In addition, you can remove the ethereal guest and add someone else at any time.
  1. Save the video from the live broadcast.

To do this you will need:

  • When you finish the live broadcast, click “Save” at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • After the successful saving, click “Done”. The video of your live broadcast will be stored in your phone’s memory, but will not be available in the application itself.

Hacks for Instagram Story

  1. Record video with speakerphone.

To do this you will need:

  • After logging into your account, swipe on the main screen to go to the IG Stories camera;
  • Open “Boomerang” or something similar at the bottom of the screen and select the recording mode “HANDS-FREE”;
  • Click the record button at the bottom of the screen to start recording;
  • To stop recording, wait until the maximum time has elapsed or click the capture button again.
  1. Add text to the Stories publication.

To do this you will need:

  • After logging into your account, swipe on the main screen to go to the Instagram Stories folder;
  • Take a picture or record a video;
  • Touch the screen to add text or touch the Aa icon at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • Create the text;
  • Click the> icon;
  • Repeat the same steps if you want to add more text.
  1. Change the color of the letters or words in your text.

To do this you will need:

  • After logging into your account, swipe on the main screen to go to the Instagram Stories folder;
  • Take a picture or record a video;
  • Touch the screen to add text or touch the Aa icon at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • Create the text;
  • Click and hold the letter or word that you want to see in another color for selection;
  • Play with the color scheme;
  • Make the necessary corrections and publish the post.
  1. Use a couple of stickers in the post for Instagram Story.

To do this you will need:

  • After logging into your account, swipe on the main screen to go to the IG Stories folder;
  • Take a picture or record a video;
  • Click the icon of the smiley sticker at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • Select the sticker you like;
  • If necessary, touch the sticker to switch several parameters (for example, by clicking on the temperature sticker, you will see a choice between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit);
  • Adjust the size and place the sticker in the right place;
  • Repeat steps 3-6 several times if necessary.
  1. Edit the colors or information on the label.

To do this you will need:

  • Decide on the sticker you want to add to your publication;
  • Touch the sticker to select the color you like, or the desired setting (for example, clicking on the temperature label before you choose between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit).
  1. Share someone’s publication in your tape Instagram Stories.

Such manipulations with Instagram Story are a wonderful way to exchange different content with other users, mutually recommending other brands, products or interesting user accounts.

To do this you will need:

  • Click the paper plane icon under the publication, which you plan to share with your followers;
  • Click “Add a post to your story”;
  • The publication will appear as a sticker with a background;
  • You can flip, resize, overlay stickers and apply other interesting editing functions;
  • After making sure that everything looks as you like, click on the “Your Story” button to add it to your publication. In your post, you will see the name of the actual owner of the publication. Users who pass by reference to a real author will be able to enjoy the full text of the publication and other content of this person.

Note: For reposting publications, you can only use open (public) accounts. If you do not want someone to repost your publications in Instagram Stories, you can make the necessary settings for this.

  1. Use the soundtrack for your Story from the Instagram Music Library.

There are many songs for every taste.

  • After creating a video or by making a photo for your story, click the “Stickers” icon at the top of the screen;
  • Click on the sticker “MUSIC” in the menu to open the Instagram music library;
  • Decide on the song you like through search, relying on your taste, mood and favorite genre;
  • Click “Play” to preview the song before adding it to your story;
  • Having decided on the choice of an ideal song for you, use fast forward / backward to start from a certain point;
  • Having successfully completed adding a melody to your publication, at the bottom click on the button “Your story” and post it.
  1. Promote a song or album from Spotify to Instagram Stories.

Show how mobile and active your brand is.

To do this you will need:

  • Go to the Spotify application;
  • Select the song or album you want to advertise on your account;
  • ✓ on the three points icon to open the options menu;
  • Scroll down and click “Share”;
  • Click “Instagram Stories”;
  • After opening the Instagram application, select and add a sticker, caption or emotions for the album you are sharing. By advertising a specific song, the application will, in any case, pull up the album to which the selected song belongs);
  • Click “Your story” to attach the song.
  1. Mention other user accounts in the Story.

For any brand, it is a good option to declare yourself for related businesses, to interest other companies or to show your willingness for partnership activities.

To do this you will need:

  • Open the Instagram Stories camera with your finger to the side;
  • Create a snapshot or video;
  • Touch the screen to add text or touch the Aa icon at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • Using the keyboard, enter the @ symbol and the name of the account owner that you want to publish in your publication;
  • From the menu that appears before you, select the account;
  • When you mention someone in your publication, this user is notified that you made a note and your post or Story in which you specified this user.
  1. Keep all your Stories in the phone’s memory.

This is a very good tip if you want to share this video on some other of your own channel.

To do this you will need:

  • Open Story;
  • Swipe across the screen;
  • ✓ the circle icon at the top of the screen on the right.

Note: You have the ability to save certain publications from your Story as they are uploaded. To do this, you need to click the down arrow icon located at the bottom of the screen on the left side. If you have already published it, go to the photo or video you want to save, click the three dots icon at the bottom of the screen on the right and select “Save Photo.”

  1. Share your Story on your account.

If you want to extend the life of your Story, without limiting it to 24 hours, we recommend that you publish it directly to your account.

To do this you will need:

  • Open Story;
  • ✓ the three dots icon at the bottom of the screen on the right side of the photo or video that you are about to share;
  • ✓ “Share as Post”;
  • Make the necessary editing by adding filters, tags or text and publish it.
  1. Understand the logic of the work of your Story.

In order to understand how Story works, try this function. With it, you can also find out who viewed your account.

To do this you will need:

  • Open Story;
  • Swipe across the screen;
  • Instagram will show you the number of people and specific users who viewed the photo or video of your Story.
  1. Zoom (increase and decrease) video in one motion.

To do this you will need:

  • Open the Instagram Stories, sliding your finger to the right;
  • It is necessary to hold the capture button with one finger to start recording the video;
  • Move your finger up or down to zoom out or zoom out.
  1. Hide Story from some users.

To do this you will need:

  • At the bottom of the screen on the right side there is a user icon, click on it to go to your account;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android to access the parameters;
  • ✓ “Story Settings” located under the “Account”;
  • ✓ “Hide My Story From”;
  • Mark the users you want to hide your Story from;
  • ✓ “Done”.

Note: You also have the option to hide your Story from some users directly through your Story publication. To do this, you need to click on the three-dot icon on the right side of the username and select “Hide Story From [Username]”.

  1. Pause, skip and return at certain points while watching Stories.

You do not have to review Story in any particular order, especially if you do not have time for it.

To do this you will need:

  • While browsing the Story, you can touch the left side of the screen or drag your finger across the screen to the right. This will allow you to re-open the previous photo or video;
  • ✓ on the right side of the screen or swipe to the left to go to the next Story fragment;
  • ✓ and hold the screen to pause.
  1. Use multiple photos and videos at the same time when you create a story.

To do this you will need:

  • Go to Instagram Stories and click to download new media at the top of the screen on the right side;
  • Mark up to 10 liked photos and videos from the camera menu;
  • All selected media files for further editing will appear on the screen and the editing panel located below. You can edit each photo or video individually, using different stickers, texts, etc.
  • After the successful editing, you can preview the order of the files, which will suit you as much as possible.
  1. Use a text post in your Story.

A photo can tell a whole story; nevertheless, sometimes you want to write something specific.

To do this you will need:

  • Having entered the Instagram Stories list, you need to select the “Type” below the capture button;
  • Touch the screen and write the desired text;
  • ✓ the button at the top of the application to view a variety of styles;
  • Decide on the color gamut of the background and the text itself;
  • ✓ the “>” icon if you are completely happy with the design you created to publish it in your Story.
  1. Publish photos of any size or video without any trimming.

You can easily post a photo, while not cutting anything or anything, showing users a wide-angle image.

To do this you will need:

  • Fill any photo or video on your account, skipping the cropping item and publish a media file of the original size;
  • Any part of the screen that requires additional space will be overlaid with a gradient background, in harmony with the color gamut of the downloaded file.
  1. Leave your best Stories at the beginning of the account.

Each brand or user can store their coolest and most beautiful Stories on their account while they are delighted with the IG Stories Highlights function.

To do this you will need:

  • Click the “New circle” on the left side of your Instagram profile for business;
  • Decide on the choice of Story from the archive (remember that Stories from business accounts automatically get into the archive after the expiration of their display);
  • Install the cover icon and create a name;
  • In your profile, you will see the saved Stories in circles, which will be played each time someone clicks on a nickname;
  • To edit or delete Highlight, click and hold it on your account.

Note: Highlights will hang in your profile as much as you need. Their number is not limited. You regulate which of them to leave, and which ones to remove due to irrelevance. Try this function to feel its peculiarity and originality.

  1. Share Instagram Story via your Facebook page.

This can be done in two ways – publish Facebook Story separately or make a number of settings for the synchronized publication of the Instagram Story on Facebook.

To do this for a particular story, you will need:

  • Create a Story and ✓ “Next”;
  • ✓ on “Facebook”;
  • When finished, ✓ “Share”.

To make the automatic settings you will need:

  • Go to your Instagram account and click the settings icon at the top of the screen on the right;
  • Click on “Story Settings”;
  • Share it on Facebook.
  1. Share your online video with Instagram Stories.

This function is also available for business profiles.

To do this you will need:

  • After the broadcast is over in online mode, click “Share” at the bottom of the screen. The video will be added to your Story.

Note: Such publication recording will be available for 24 hours. Until it is in the available mode, the record will show all the comments from the original broadcast. Thus, brands are able to view the number of users who watched the video both live and in Stories.

Hacks for Instagram Biography and Profile

  1. Use a hashtag or account that will be linked to your biography.

With this, you can link to the hashtag page or another account directly in your biography.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ the profile icon to switch to your account;
  • ✓ “Edit Profile” and go to the “Bio” paragraph;
  • Enter # or @. After that, you’ll see a list of recommended hashtags and accounts;
  • By selecting hashtags and accounts that you like, you associate them with your biography.

Note: If you use someone else’s account in your biography, users will receive a notification about it. Moreover, they can remove the mark. In this case, the mark on their account will hang in your profile, but only without a link.

  1. Hide photos where someone tagged you or completely deleted the tag.

If someone marked your brand on an image that does not associate with you in any way, you have several ways to get rid of it.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ on the person icon to view your profile;
  • Touch the person in the window icon under your biography to go to the “Photos of You” tab;
  • Touch the photo you want to delete from your profile;
  • ✓ the three dots icon at the top of the screen on the right side and select “Photo Options”;
  • ✓ “Hide from My Profile” or “Remove Me From Post” if you want to remove the mark from the image.

Pro Tip: You have the ability to tag a photo on your account. Go to the “Photos of You” page, click the three dots icon, and go to “Tagging Options”, then select “Add Automatically” or “Add Manually”.

  1. Use line breaks in your biography for better understanding the text.

If you want to highlight certain points in your biography or make the text more readable, this advice will help you. Transferring or breaking a line is an ideal way to make information more attractive from a visual point of view.

To do this on mobile devices you will need:

  • In the notes application write your biography in the form in which you would like to see it on your Instagram profile;
  • Then select the text and “Copy”;
  • Go to the IG application;
  • ✓ the icon of your profile to view the profile;
  • ✓ the “Edit profile” button;
  • Insert the previously copied text into the biography field;
  • ✓ “Done” to save the changes.

To do this on the desktop you will need:

  • Go to your Instagram account;
  • ✓ on “Edit profile”;
  • Enter information into the biography in a format that you like visually;
  • ✓ “Send” to save the changes.

Note: Regardless of which device you used to edit the biography field – mobile or computer, if you scan profiles through a computer, you will not be able to see the line breaks.

  1. Use the link in your biography to attract traffic.

Your biography on Instagram is an excellent place for the location of the link, with which you can attract the audience, and accordingly the traffic, to your website or account on another social channel.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ the icon of your profile to view your account;
  • ✓ the “Edit profile” button;
  • Enter the link you need;
  • ✓ “Done” to save the changes.

Pro tip: Make UTM settings in the URL for easy traffic tracking, which is created through a link in the profile.

  1. Go to the business profile to display ads and get analytics.

If you want to promote your brand effectively, make sure to create an IG business profile for it, with which you can enjoy all the key functions of this platform. It is never too late to create a switch.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ the icon of your profile to view your account;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android to access the “Options”;
  • Select “Switch to Business Profile”;
  • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen;
  • IG will make a request to connect your account to Facebook – you need to do this to set up a business account on the Instagram;
  • By successfully connecting your Facebook account, Instagram will ask for additional information, including your phone number, e-mail address or physical address of your company;
  • ✓ “Done” to save your profile and new settings.

Hacks for Instagram Hashtags

  1. Use original and most relevant hashtags.

Using proper and special hashtags on the Free Instagram Likes platform will make your publications more visible, accessible and popular and will enable you to assemble the target audience quickly.

To do this you will need:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to go to the “Explore” tab;
  • Enter the required keyword and go to the “Tags” column;
  • From the list provided to you, select the most suitable hashtag;
  • You will be taken to the accounts containing this hashtag;
  • The “Related” panel will appear above “Top” and “Recent” pages. Next, Instagram will create a list of similar hashtags that you can also browse to get new ideas and inspiration.
  1. Give preference to your favorite hashtags.

It is a great way to get a new portion of inspiration.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ on the magnifying glass icon to go to the “Explore” tab;
  • Enter the hashtag that you are interested in;
  • On the hashtag page, click “Follow”.
  1. Write down hashtags for future use.

If you frequently use the same hashtag in your publications, write down and save them for practicality and save time in the future.

To do this you will need:

  • Create an entry in the notes application on your gadget;
  • Fill in all the frequently used hashtags;
  • When creating new publications, go to the notes application, make a copy of the necessary hashtag and insert them into your post.
  1. Hide hashtags.

By writing a large number of hashtags, you are distracting users from the main text of the publications. To prevent this from happening, hide the hashtags, giving the reader the opportunity to focus on the important.

To do this you will need—method № 1:

  • Hide your hashtags in the comments. Do not insert them into the body text. Transfer them to the comment line under your content;
  • After receiving a couple more comments, your hashtags will be hidden, and will not annoy anyone.

To do this you will need—method № 2:

  • Hide your hashtags using line breaks;
  • ✓ on the 123 key while writing the publication;
  • ✓ “Return”;
  • Enter any piece of punctuation (period, comma or dash), then click “Return” again;
  • Repeat steps 2-4 more than 5 times;
  • Instagram hides all the inscriptions after three lines. All your hashtags will be hidden until one of your followers adds more options to your publication.

Hacks for Instagram Direct Messaging

  1. Turn off the activity status.

In order for your followers make not to check when you last visited the application, you have the option to turn off the status of the activity in Instagram Direct Messenger.

To do this you will need:

  • ✓ the profile icon at the bottom of the screen on the right;
  • If you use iOS – click the gear icon or three dots on Android to access the “Options”;
  • Go down and find the “Activity Status” located under the “Settings” section;
  • Disable the activity status.
  1. Send disappearing content to other accounts.

You have the ability to send a vanishing photo, video or Boomerang to another account or group using IG Direct Messaging.

To do this you will need:

  • On the main screen, click the camera icon at the top of the screen on the left side or slide on the screen to the right side to open the camera. In addition, you can open Instagram Direct by clicking the paper plane icon at the top of the screen on the right side. Then click on the camera icon at the top left;
  • Take a photo, video or Boomerang;
  • Make the editing of the file as necessary;
  • Click the> icon at the bottom of the screen on the right;
  • Select the desired recipient or click “New group” to send the message to several users at once through group chat;
  • Click “Send” at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Selecting several recipients, without first creating a group, each user will receive the same message, only separately.

  1. Send a live recording.

You have the opportunity to send a live broadcast record of both your own and the one you viewed from other users or from some group.

To do this you will need:

  • While recording a live broadcast, click the “Direct” icon (it looks like a paper plane) located at the bottom of the screen. Then forward this entry to your friends;
  • After sending, the recipient can see your entry in the “Direct” They can view your video only if you are still on the air.
  1. Make friends’ photos editing and send it to them.

To do this you will need:

  • When viewing photos of a friend, click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and write the answer;
  • Your answer will contain the application of what you are responding to;
  • You can expand the picture, change its scale and use your own labels, drawings, and signatures.